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Terms & Conditions

Limitation of Liability

Hereby indemnifies the gym; our instructors and staff members against any liability whatsoever in respect of any injury which may be sustained by you directly & indirectly whilst on these premises.


In the interest of safety and security please use the lockers provided.

We will have no liability for goods taken from the gym.

With regard to your health status, please consult your health care provider 

if you have any health risks before starting training sessions with us.

If you have fever, cough, unusual pain or feel unwell like flu symptoms 

then you must stop exercising and inform a member of staff immediately.

Non members cannot use the gym on behalf of other members

Pound for Pound Fitness will not be liable for any services offered by any third parties including personal trainers who are self employed

Children under the age of 12 must be under the supervision of either their trainer or an adult


Please note that all fees must be paid in full before the beginning of your sessions for the month.

With regards to private sessions, you pay for the slot you take, not your sessions.

Time slots taken for private sessions must be taken for the month.

Private sessions missed can only be caught up via our class sessions and must be caught up within the month the session was paid for

Private sessions as well as class sessions will not be carried over to the new month. You pay for the month you train

Pound for Pound Fitness has a strict 12 hour notice of cancellation policy. The member agrees that failure to cancel a pre-booked private training session within the cancellation period of 12 hours they will forfeit that fee in its entirety

Our classes involve a warm up session and if you miss the warm up session, you can only jump in the next session due to health and safety reasons


Fees must be paid before the first week of every month

Any late payments made after the first week will result in a late payment charge of 10% extra according to their fees

Fees must be paid before you commence training

Members will be denied access to the gym if their fees are outstanding

Contract Termaination

You may cancel your contracts giving us the minimum of one months notice. If you wish to cancel your contract, you must give notice by:

   - Sending us a written notice of your cancellation to us via our email address or mobile phone

By joining Pound for Pound Fitness, members automatically accept and agree to be bound by these conditions of membership

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